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★ Experienced with (Frequent use):

Java • Swift

Basic understanding of (Previously used):

Python • C • C++ • Bash • MySQL • PostgreSQL • HTML • CSS

Used software / Skills:

iOS Development • iPad Development • SwiftUI • UIKit • Combine • MapKit • Vision • AVFoundation • AVKit • Core Data • Core Motion • Core Bluetooth • Testflight • App Store Connect • Xcode • lldb • Cocoa Pods • Swift Package Manager • JSON • Google Firebase • Google Cloud Storage • Firestore • Google Authentication • Firebase SwiftUI • Version Control Software • Git • Github • Gitlab • AWS • S3 • AppSync • CloudFormation • SQS • Amazon Polly • Splunk • Atlassian Bamboo CI/CD • Spring Tool Suite • Eclipse • RCP Framework • OSGi • Jira • Trello • Slack

Technical Concepts:

Design Patterns • Model View View Model • Model View Controller • Dependency Injection • Inversion of Control • Backend For Frontend • Agile Software Development • Agile Development • Agile Methodology and Architecture Standards • Scrum • Kanban • Test Driven Development Unit Tests • Junit • Mockito


AWS Cloud Practitioner (2022-2027)

What I use



My practice

Application Engineer II, Vanguard, Malvern, PA (11/2021 - Present)
  • Refactoring Java UI in backend-for-frontend (BFF) object-oriented design using Eclipse RCP Framework, leveraging dependency injection, and retrieving and representing financial data using AWS AppSync graphQL APIs, Restful Services, and Apollo

  • Provisioning and deploying highly scalable systems using AWS, lambdas with continuous integration (CI/CD) using CloudFormation and Bamboo to re-platform existing services on private cloud

  • Leading UI project of small subset of a multi-functional team of 3 people to refactor 7 views within main application product, providing production support, automated tests with Junit and Mockito, and adding business value by closing over 200 story points and earning 43 points In one month

  • Creating Splunk metric dashboards for intra-team UI performance logging, logging for system analysis, optimizing data structures and algorithms, view specific performance logging, and pre-elevation checklist

  • Engaging with Business Owners, Product Owners and Portfolio Managers on a weekly basis to grow investing acumen in a collaborative way, define testing criteria, definition of done, and implement business logic for production ready code

iOS Engineer & Founder, Tyily Technologies LLC, Philadelphia, PA (11/2020 - Present)
  • Coding and maintaining 5 native mobile applications in Swift 5 and SwiftUI for iOS and iPadOS that reach client base of 300 users

  • Programming iOS and iPad OS mobile apps and complementary APIs, code using Swift 5, SwiftUI and Combine Framework, maintained publicly open-source on GitHub

iOS Engineer, Application Developer, Divine Spark Coaching LLC, Virtual (12/2020 - 04/2022)
  • Developed financial services banking inspired self-help and multimedia iOS application, code using SwiftUI, Firebase, and Model View View Model (MVVM) for iOS 14

  • Collected, curated, hosted on firebase, and distributed using API code, client's growing content library of images and videos to allow for user authentication and login to view while client continues to update artist media

  • Facilitated the App Store Connect upload and beta testing through Apple Testflight.

  • Collaborative process with client to write code that encompasses their vision for their app, meeting weekly for design revisions.

Software Developer Intern, Boeing, Ridley Park, PA (05/2020 - 08/2020)
  • Programmed 6 SQL/T-SQL queries supporting 4 teams processing data for 8 clients representing 3 countries.

  • Developed Maven Integration using Cron and Apache Camel to automate DataStage job creation.

  • Backend Internal Database management and report creation using data warehousing ETL tool.

  • Organized DevOps curriculum in Azure DevOps for virtually transitioning teams and incoming interns

Data Analyst, Anaptyx Consulting, Virtual (12/2020 - 04/2021)
  • Used existing information systems to produce B2B analytics services and dashboards for law firms using Microsoft PowerBI.

  • Researched internal controls of the client's information system to create useful data streams.

Solar Panel Technician & Data Analyst Intern, Exact Solar, Yardley, PA (05/2019 - 08/2019)
  • Processed 9-year backlog, 4701 data points of client data, using Microsoft Excel.

  • Discerned overestimation of 10.96% over actual power output using trends in data.

  • Recalibrated alert framework for all current clients to detect faults in inverter and panel weakness over 60%.

  • Created roof plans using Google Sunroof and PhotoMaps based on preferred kilowatt hour output, historical kilowatt hour consumption, pitch of roof, and average sunlight on roof.


Trying my best to learn

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
August 2016 - May 2021

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

  • Programming data driven solutions using machine learning models, Machine Learning and AI, Penn State University Park, PA (12/2020)

  • MySQL & Raspberry Pi Opioid Take-Back box, Senior Capstone, Penn State University Park, PA (12/2020)

  • Web Development Project and Personal Website using HTML and CSS, Penn State University Park, PA (08/2017, 01/2023)

  • Application Development in XCode 11.6 & 12.0 using Swift & SwiftUI, App Programming, Penn State University Park, PA (08/01/2020)

  • Retro-gaming achievement tracker iOS application and reactive programming API in Swift using Combine framework and Async/Await, Retro Joy (2020-Present)

  • Streaming video player, Invidious SwiftUI iOS application and networking programming API in Swift, IndubiTUBEly (2023-Present)

  • Shakespearean insult generator iOS Application using public domain works of William Shakespeare, SwiftUI, Core Motion, and MessageUI, Shaky Shake (2020-Present)

  • Financial services inspired multi-media self-help journaling iOS Application collaborating with client, using Google Cloud Platform Storage and Firebase, AVKit, AVFoundation, SDWebImage, and Natural Language Processing, Divine Spark ATM (2020-2022)

  • Color cataloging and image processing iOS Application using Vision, Pinky Pink (2020-Present)

  • Geospatial Dog Walking iOS Application using SwiftUI, MapKit, and UIKit, Dogg.io (2020)

  • Making artificial intelligence machine learning (AI/ML) music with MIDI sequences created with Python and IBM Watson, WatsonBeat Workshop (08/2018-08/2019)

  • Linux based handheld retro consoles and video-game using Bash and C++ on Raspberry Pi, GPi 0 & Kite Circuit Shield (10/2018-10/2021)

Fueling my passion